Color Road! App Reviews

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Best game

This is the best game ever

The best

I love this app it is the best


It is a great game but can get frustrating


It’s just HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! WARNING DONT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ups and downs

I love this game because it’s fun and challenging but the game has some bad quality too 👍👎😐

I hate you stupid person who made this

Stop making your stupid games

Too many ads

Too many ads

Fun game but glitchy

The free version is basically nothing but adds with a little playing along the way. The game was fun so I bought the add free version but it gets pretty glitchy frequently which with a game like this really takes away from the experience and makes it a waste of my $3. Hopefully they can fix it in an update.


Fun i paid to remove the ads but its worth it i love this game

Good but bad

I really like this game. It’s fun, however the ad after every since round make it’s not worth it for me unfortunately:/

Ad Galore

I can’t enjoy the game due to the ads. Uninstalling.

Color road review

Hey there so I love this game don’t get me wrong but it’s pretty hard because where your color is it’s hard because at one point it’s in one spot and then it changes it’s place and then you bump into the other color but over all that stuff it’s really fun.

Too long, too many ads

I really enjoy the game, but it takes too long to load from one sequence to the other. Also, between each game there is an ad. I would love playing this game if you would fix these two issues. A suggestion, maybe have a ad every fourth level instead of after every round.


اللعبه. مرره. جنيله وحلوه. وتسلي اتمنى الكل يجربهاا. وراح. تعجبكم صدقوني

Hi The BEST!!!!!💆‍♀️😻🙀🤯🤯🤯🤯🤪🤩😘😍🤣😂😎🤗🎷💋💋💋💋

I literally can’t believe the way you put this together 🙀📲💋💋💋👱🏽‍♀️

To many ads!!!!!!!

To many ads

LOVE IT!!!!!

I just kept getting better the more I played. It got easier he more I played. At first I thought it was boring but then It got more interesting.

Color road

I love color road i never. Let my sister play it it is so good

Perfect for Anxiety

I suffer from severe anxiety. This game really helps me.

The best game ever

It is the best most of the time when I lose I get angry but that is because I am competitive that’s just me 😊😊🦄

Best game every

I like this game aloneness


To much ads

Marvelous game helps to increase concentration level

Found it attractive game

Really fun, and satisfying!

So this game is a really good game. But you might be annoyed by the fact that sometimes it doesn’t give you your revive if you watch an ad, but sometimes that’s only because you either didn’t watch the whole thing, or it’s just a little out of sorts because there was a lot going on. Or, you have a really old or cracked device. And think about it people, they get payed a lot of money to show ads. And finally what everyone is talking about, the lag. Your all annoyed by the lag, huh. You might be thinking I have no reason for that and I don’t, but I just want you to think about this. They work really hard to make these games for all of you to be happy, so don’t get all mad at them because there’s a few tiny annoying things about it. These games are still fun besides they fact that there’s some improvements needed, right? And if the game is overwhelming, or annoying, and you really hate it, then just delete it. And these games are pretty good right? Consider this game as art. This is someone’s talent, it takes a lot of time to figure out how to to this. And this person just comes up with it right away, and makes it right away. Thank you if you are listening to me and realizing something from it, and I’m sorry if you don’t understand what I’m saying. I just wanted to say... this game is a talent!

Ok game

This game has a lot of adds and its not the best game

Color Road

I love it because it’s faster💜❤️

Color Road

Thank you for making this game

Amazing game

This is so addictive


Tiene muchos anuncios es lo malo


Too many ads

Good game! Except......

This is a very fun game. Fun to play, addictive, and a cool concept. However, there is a lot of “in game lag” that has made me crash many times. Another issue that I face is the app crashing. I will an add to revive myself and sometimes the add will not revive me. sometimes when I watch an add the game crashes. There are several issues.. manageable issues at that. Would recommend. 7/10

Brigitte galan

It’s ok


Games fun, challenging, gives skins.

I’m love it

It is a great game I play it everyday it is challenging game

I love this game so mush it is so fun that is all that I play I play it everyday



This game is so good 😊 and its very addictive 👾👾👾👾😹😸👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾


Color road has been AMAZING! I play it everyday and I love it omg omg was the best year ever because I only played this game!

So fun

The only thing I don’t like about it is that at the bottom there is adds, it gets my attention on the ad not the actual games going on but I still like the game

OMG!!! I love this game!!!!💕😘✌🏻😃😀😄

This game is so awesome that I play this almost every day!!! But I do think that you should make more challenges because after a while I got board, I am only 8 but that doesn't change how much I love this game!! And one more thing, I think this is perfect for all ages, so enjoy playing!!!!!❤️👍😍😎🙂😁😊😀

So fun

I love this game but I just think that it goes to fast on the levels even level to is hard

Color road

It is a very good game i like it very much but ut can get boring over time


More ads than playing time 🙄

Good game but too many advertisements

Good game to play but there are too many advertisements...after every game there is a advertisement unlike temple run which doesn’t advertise after every game

Very inappropriate content.

Some of the ads or whatever it is that pops up at the bottom are vulgar and need to be removed. I enjoyed playing this game until that popped up and I deleted. Would not suggest for a child to play even if it is suppose to be a simple, harmless game because of what pops up.

Best stress realizer ever

Every time my son is frustrated he plays this game and a few seconds later he feels calm and better so I give this game five stars

Leslie G

I love this game even if I’m not that good

This game is so awesome

This app is awesome I love it I can’t believe I got to level 8 It’s amazing I recommend this game to you and you download it I have not had any glitches at all so don’t listen to the people who say (it glitches)

One of My Favorites

Super fun ADDICTIVE game !! I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️


It’s a good game just have to ADS

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