Color Road! App Reviews

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هذا اللعبة من اجمل الألعاب يلي نزلتها❤️انصحكم تنزلونها روووعة



I’m getting so annoyed this game has started to lag/ glitch making me loose I’m so frustrated but it’s so addictive I don’t want to delete the game just yet


It’s so addicting and fun each way the color changes

Love this game

I just love this game it is so addicting


It’s soooo fun I have to admit but WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TO MANY ADDSSSSS!!!!!!!!

Color road

What is up with all the ads?!? Maybe the app would work better if there wasn’t so many slowing the game down. Probably going to delete just because of that

Awesome games but a couple of adds

I love this game so much it’s so much fun and I’m definitely addicted the only thing is they have way too many adds.

Fun but needs work

This is a very fun and addicting game but there are so many bugs I really wish that would get fixed. There’s the lag and glitching, and then I watch a video to continue with my points and it starts me over at the beginning anyway. It’s still a lot of fun though, a great time waster.

The game best game ever

I love this game so much

Lil fetchers

Lil fetchers consists of Zeke and Forde. The do challenges and also fortnite streams and other games as well. If you wan to subscribe to their channel all you need to do is click the search bar, type in “Lil fetchers” and then click on their channel. It currently doesn’t have a picture yet but it’ll happen soon. Then you click the subscribe button and then you are done! ✅


Why the H E C C is this #1 in racing its so basic

I know there is a remove adds but I just don’t want adds

So there is a remove adds it’s just there shouldn’t even be adds it should be free to remove the adds

Too many ads!!!

I see you have to get your ads in but every round!?

Fun but has one irritating glitch

Pretty fun, passes time. It’ll hook you a little bit. The only issue I have is that when you click to watch an ad to continue on where you died it’ll still start you over from the beginning sometimes.

A lot of adjetives

A lot of comercial from other games


I like this game. “Color Road” is very creative.


Game looks so fun but can barely play or get pass a level because there are so many glitches , freezes to much

Half assed

Game offers different skins and stuff but only when it prompts you, there’s not even a menu in the settings for customization and sometimes the settings button isn’t even there. You can’t pause, or get back to any main menu so you’re just stuck in a loop swamped with ads. Every 5 seconds. Bummer, voodoo. Always enjoy your games but it’s clear the purpose is to swindle your patrons.


The game could be wonderful. If it wasn’t for all the glitches, the game slows down durning game play. To the point where theses no point of playing the game you cant win with the game in SUPER slow motion. I wish there was a game like this one just without the all glitches.


Fun game but hate how every time you mess up you have to watch a ad before you can continue

Love the game

I do enjoy this game but there are too many advertisements. No one wants to pause in between levels to play a game.

Wost game

It glitches so much and I keep losing.

Too much ads

Fun game but it has too much ads


I like the game played it on my friends phone super fun but when I downloaded it would not let me in to matter what I tried waste of time but Ina still keep trying


The app lags waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much, I like the game but it’s always lagging

Tons of adds

Gets old

Color road

It is a fun game I wish it was easier to get more characters for your Ball I also wish that there was more colors for the road but it’s an awesome game.👏🏻

The best color road

This game is very great I love it I hope you make a game like this again

Too many lags.

This game, although a great concept, is way to laggy to even play. It’s defeats the whole purpose of the game. Slow, and laggy, and impossible because of that.

The color road fan

I like the game you made lol my high score is 3452 That is because I am a pro and I like the game vodoo Color road is the best even my friends like it at school And I play it the most in my class

Too many ads!!!

This game is fun and very addictive but it simply has too many ads!!!

Color road

I love this game so much it is so amazing make more like this game


The constant ads that you’re forced to watch make this game no longer fun. Also, it frequently lags while playing, causing one to crash.

Color road

Omg this game is awesome thanks for making this game!!! I just love the challenges and how hard they are thanks



Fun game

Took a minute to realize you have to hold and drag the ball across the screen instead of swiping between what I wrongly assumed were predefined “lanes” like you would see in an endless runner. After getting past that the game is pretty fun.

Too many ads

So at first every two rounds I play one add pops up then 1 add every round then when I’m playing ads just pop up every 30 seconds which is unplayable for me and when I get he ads it makes me restart I don’t know if this is suppose to happen but it just get worse and worse!!😡

The age!!!! And boring

Ok the age is horrible this is for everybody not just people 12+ and it gets boring so I think you maybe can do different maps! Besides those problems I think it's good!

Kiki queen

This game is so relaxing I love it

Review to Color Road

I absolutely love this game!!! So good to kill time!!! So funnnn!!!

Roll game

Amazing game


So addicting and fun for all ages!! Play on the go😃

Two Big Problems

I would like to start this review by saying that I actually really do like this game. It’s simple, easy to play, and fun. But, (as the title states), I have two big problems with it. For one thing, when I watch an add to revive myself, it never works. I think for as long as I’ve had this app, it’s worked twice, and I’ve tried it a lot. The second issue is the lag. It gets so bad it interferes with the game and makes me lose. Other than those problems this game is great.

Good But Bad

It’s a good game but every time I lose a preview comes out and it takes to long I just want to play not download more apps Sorry uninstalled never downloading it again good game but previews take for ever if that gets delete it I’ll install again👍


To many ads. Makes the game no fun.


Hey papi😭😂😉💀💀


There are so many ads that interfere with the experience of the game. Do not recommend if you’re trying to find a game to play and relax

Awesome addictive game

This game is awesome!!! Definitely get color road!!!!!🧐

Pretty AMAZING 😘

I like it..when u ave to keep track of your color and it’s SUPER fun and addicting!!!-From: FierceNinja77

A ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️game

I love 💕 this game an I think u did a fantastic job creating just came as you can see start a six 💫

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